Techniques that osteopaths use

Osteopaths work with their hands and use a wide variety of techniques such as:

Soft tissue stretching techniques with the aim of releasing muscle tension
Gentle articulations with the aim of realigning and improving joint mobility
Mobilisations and gentle manipulation with the aim of increasing the range of movement of a joint
Cranial treatment, which given its gentle nature is particularly suitable for babies but may benefit anyone
Neuromuscular release techniques, which aim to allow a contracted muscle to release and free a restricted nerve supply

Lymphatic drainage techniques aim to improve circulation throughout your body and enhance your immune system
Health advice and exercises may also be given with the aim of reducing your symptoms and improving your health and quality of life

Please Note: It may not be appropriate for manipulation techniques to be used in all cases (where you may get a ‘clicking’ sound). If your osteopath feels that it could be appropriate in your case, this will always be explained to you prior to the manipulation being carried out. You will also be asked if you are happy to proceed with the manipulation. If you would prefer a different technique to be used instead, then you must let your osteopath know. There is always more than one way to achieve results!
It is important that you are completely comfortable throughout your appointment, so if you are unsure about anything, you must let the osteopath know.

Emily Alexander examining the knee joint of a female patient at the Backworking Osteopathic Practice in Barnsbury, Islington, London N1